What is Naturopathy?



We asked Jessica, a naturopath who has transformed her passion for nature and its colors into a profession in the service of people's wellbeing.

Here's what she told us.


The term Naturopathy refers to a set of holistic disciplines aimed at maintaining and restoring the psycho-physical well-being of the person.



The adjective "holistic" derives from the Greek "olos" that is "all, whole, total" and refers to the theory of holism, according to which it is the system in general that determines the behavior of the parts.  The goal of the Naturopath is therefore to consider the person as a whole, where: body, mind and soul are integrated functions of the same system, placed in a specific environmental and social context.


It is thought that the term Naturopathy derives from the English Nature's Path "Nature's Path" or that its origin is the union of two Greek words: Nature and Pathos (empathy, suffering, sympathy), that is "empathy with nature".

Whatever the etymology of the word, emerges the close contact that Naturopathy has with the principles of nature: respect for its rhythms, the use of phytotherapeutic remedies that it offers us and the desire to stimulate the body's innate ability to heal itself.

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, natural remedies and specific treatments and personalized on each person, allow you to live with greater awareness and in harmony with themselves and with the world around us.


Who is and what does the naturopath do?


The Naturopath does not pretend to replace a doctor, but becomes a supportive figure in the search for balance and well-being.


The Naturopath does not pretend to replace a doctor, but becomes a supportive figure in the search for balance and well-being.

Every small or large imbalance, which can manifest itself either physically, emotionally or mentally (headaches, bloating, constipation, anxiety, lack of concentration, insomnia, apathy, etc.), is seen as a manifestation of a more general imbalance that must be sought in the complexity of the person himself. Thus begins a path of sharing and awareness, in which all aspects inherent to the person are investigated: from his or her daily routine, to couple life, from the work environment to his or her friendships, from future expectations to past disappointments, etc.


Going to a Naturopath means putting yourself at stake:

changing your diet, modifying your habits, reawakening dormant themes and traumas, facing uncomfortable realities; it is a continuous discovery and rediscovery of ourselves, with the ultimate goal of restoring harmony to the system and having a fulfilling and happy life.





Nutrition is the first tool of which the Naturopath uses.

"Let Food be your Medicine and let Medicine be your Food"

affirmed Hippocrates in ancient Greece, and Naturopathy fully espouses this philosophy. A correct and complete diet allows us to provide our body with all the valuable nutritional substances (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, polyunsaturated fats, etc..) useful to maintain the balance of the vital functions of the body, thus ensuring the state of health and the possible ability to self-heal in case of imbalance.


Beyond the quality of the food itself, it is important for the Naturopath to understand the type of terrain, that is, the constitutional characteristics of the person, in order to provide specific guidance tailored to individual needs. It is not enough to eat healthy, nutrition can be a valuable tool to bring harmony back into our system.

Is there a link between Chakra and naturopathy?

The Naturopath, according to his studies and experiences, can use different tools and techniques to intervene and support people.


Among these, we can mention Reiki, an energetic technique that finds its foundations in Indian philosophy. Through Reiki, the Naturopath listens to the 7 Chakras (specific energy centers) of the person, with the aim of understanding what is the state of health of each of these. The final objective is to restore the correct energy circulation and re-harmonize the 7 centers among themselves. 

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