The 7 Chakras of planet Earth

According to Sanskrit tradition, the Chakras regulate the flow of energy in our body, not only that, the Chakras are present throughout the universe, in all living beings, because we are all made of energy

In this article you can find out where the 7 Chakras of our planet Earth are located.


1 Chakra, Muladahra, The root chakra - EARTH

Mount Shasta - California - United States


Mount Shasta is a quiescent volcano layer, which is a volcano formed by multiple volcanic cones whose eruptive activity is currently halted, but potentially reactivated.
The mountain is composed of four overlapping dormant volcanic cones, four like the corners of the square that is the symbol of the Root Chakra to which this place where the element of earth, of rock dominates is reconnected.

This place is present of Native American culture to be a magical and sacred place.

2 Chakra, Swadistana, the Sacral Chakra - WATER

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru

The Lake Titicaca situated on the mountain range of the Andes lies on the border between Bolivia and Peru.


lake-titicacaTiticaca is the largest lake in South America and the 18th largest lake in the world as well as the highest. Its clear and calm waters were the cradle and the beginning of the Inca civilization. In fact, the lake is surrounded by numerous ruins.

Many tales of Andean culture hand down wonderful stories of mythological animals who lived in these places where one breathes the energy of Mother Earth, this enchanted realm of water and the birth of one of the great human cultures is therefore connected to the second Chakra.


3 Chakra, Manipura, the solar plexus - FIRE

Uluru, Ayes Rock - Australia


The rock massif of Uluru is one of Australia's most magical and iconic places. This huge monolith is famous for changing color depending on how the sun illuminates the rock.
The spectacle makes this boulder color itself shades of ochre, bronze, red, yellow, like a burning fire. The fire and the sun are the symbols of the third Chakra, Manipura which allows us to digest and absorb emotions. Uluru is place that has special importance in Aboriginal culture and spirituality.


4 Chakras, Anahata, the Heart Chakra - AIR


Glastonbury - County Somerset - England

The site of the fourth Chakra is to be precise Glastonbury Tor, a hill near the town of Glastonbury on which stands an uncovered building called St. Michael's Tower. At the base of this hill is a well called Chalice wall,the chalice well, from which flows a spring called red spring, the red spring.

Glastbury-torThis is because the spring's waters have a reddish tint. The water is made murky by the iron oxide found in the rocks of this spring. This place has been considered sacred by all the peoples who have inhabited it, from the Bretons, the Celts, also present in Irish culture. The Excalibur sword of King Arthur is believed to have been buried here.

Here both from Roman times people came on pilgrimage to drink the water believed to be beneficial to health. Finally, the name Chalice refers to the early Christian belief that Joseph of Artimea brought here the Sacred Grail.


Another myth connects the color of the spring's waters to the cult of femininity and menstrual flow. In this place full of myths symbolism is placed the first of the universal Chakras.


5 Chakras, Visuddha, the Throat Chakra - ETHER

The Great Pyramid of Giza - Egypt


Also known as the Pyramid of Cheops or the Pyramid of Khufu, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one to have come down to us intact.



Originally, the pyramid was covered on the outside with a granite slab that made it white and smooth. This layer collapsed following an earthquake.
The pyramid is still the subject of mystery and study of archaeologists because no trousseau or sarcophagus has been found, even if you want to think that it was looted, it is not even painted inside. It was therefore not built to be a tomb, but it was not clear what function it was supposed to serve.



6 Chakra, Ajna, the third eye - LIGHT

This Chakra is not fixed, but it is mobile, in fact it moves to the west at the beginning of each new Era.


Eras are marked by the slow rotation of the Earth's axis and are named after the signs of the zodiac. Each Era has a duration of about 2160 years. In 2020 the Age of Pisces ended and in 2021 the Age of Aquarius began.


sixth-chakra-EarthAccording to tradition this implies a period of great change, global shock, years of destabilization and insecurity and then settling down to a new spiritual balance.

The word associated with the Aquarian era is Immortality, this should bring a spiritual awakening and a new synergy with Mother Earth. But where is the Third Eye of the planet currently located? In Western Europe, in the vicinity of the Fourth Chakra in England.



7 Chakra, Sahasrara, Crown Chakra

Mount Kailash - Tibet - China


Situated in the Himalaya mountain range, Mount Kailash, in Tibetan "Precious Jewel of Snow" is a sacred mountain for many cultures (Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Zoroastrians).
Both Tibetans and Hindus believe that they should makeat least once in their lives a pilgrimage to this mountain.
For Hindus this mountain is the abode of Shiva, for Tibetans this is the center of the universe and monks and lamas are buried here.
The very strenuous pilgrimage is considered a metaphor for the journey through suffering to redemption.



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