7 Chakra , meaning and what they are

Chakra in Sanskrit means "Wheel", the chakras are in fact three-dimensional spheres that rotate to form vortices in which energy flows.


It may surprise you to know that the chakras are not seven.

The 7 chakras, are only the main chakras



Aligned along the axis of the spine we have the 7 main Chakras.


In addition to the seven largest Chakras there are 21 minor, 49 small and numerous very small Chakras. There are chakras in your hands, in your feet, in every part of your body because energy reaches everywhere through the nads, or energy channels.




According to Sanskrit tradition, the seven main Chakras govern the different parts of the body and intellect, influencing the psychophysical well-being of our body.





The vital energy, the breath, called in different ways, Prana in the Sanskrit culture, breath Qi in the Chinese one, runs through a network of channels called nads passing through the Chakras, major and minor.






The 7 main chakras are divided into two categories :


Personal Chakras (first to third) :


These are the Chakras more physical and that concern our lives in the most practical and material sense, our relationship with our bodies, with our desires for procreation and affirmation of ourselves.


Universal Chakras (fourth to seventh) :


With the seventh Chakra you completely change the level of introspection, you start the spiritual path detaching more and more from the material life and focusing on meditation to achieve peace of mind and lasting happiness.



Let's see a summary of the 7 main Chakras:

1 - Root Chakra: Muladhra

Body Parts Element Expression
Red Legs, bones, colon Ground I have


2 - Sacral Chakra: Swadistana

Color Body parts Body parts Expression
Orange Genitals, kidneys, bladder Water I can

3 - Solar Plexus Chakra : Manipura

Color Body parts Element Expression
Yellow Digestive tract, liver spleen, stomach Fire I feel

4 - Heart Chakra : Anahata

Color Body parts Body parts Expression
Green Heart, lungs, arms, hands Air I love


5 - Throat Chakra: Visuddha

Color Body parts Body parts Expression
Blue Throat, thyroid, ear, mouth, nose Ether I speak and I hear


6 - Third Eye Chakra: Anja

Color Body parts Body parts Expression
Indigo Eye, cerebral hemispheres Light I see

7 - Crown Chakra : Sahasrara

Color Body parts Body parts Expression
Purple, violet Transcends the physical body Spirit I am



The Chakras vibrate the same colors as the rainbow because they are an expression of the energy of the world. In fact, not only man is made of energy, but the whole universe, every living being has Chakras.


Even the Earth itself has Chakras. Each Chakra has its own precise location except for the Third Eye Chakra which changes location depending on the Eras of the Earth (it is currently located in Eastern Europe).

(See article dedicated to the Earth Chakras)

Is opening the Chakras dangerous?


When wondering if opening the Chakras is dangerous it is good to know that the Chakras are always open, if they were closed no energy would pass through and we could not be alive.



This doubt that can make the most experienced smile is instead a very common question generated by the misunderstanding of hearing about blocked Chakras.
The Chakras are said to be blocked when energy is not flowing smoothly or is flowing in small amounts. The ideal is that the energy circulates evenly and abundantly in the Chakras to ensure psychophysical well-being and allow us to embark on a path of spiritual growth.



For this several exercises are done that allow the Chakras to open well or rather the energy to flow freely in the Chakras. (you can find a list of exercises to unlock the Chakras in our articles on individual Chakras, links at the bottom of the page).



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