What makes so special a yoga block

A very useful tool for your yoga practice!

Yoga blocks are very useful support for your yoga practice. It serves as an extension of your limbs to achieve certain asanas and allows you to train with progression until you have developed enough elasticity. In some cases it is essential because not all physicists are equal and some people for their physical structure (shape of the hips, structure of the spine, etc.) can not complete certain alignments. 

It's nothing to be ashamed of or that makes us less of a yogi than those who are more flexible.

It is simply a matter of listening to and knowing your body. To unnecessarily strain your physique to achieve asana, that would be something not to be proud of. So we use yoga props, like blocks and yoga straps whenever needed. Yoga is not performance it is a journey to awareness.

 yoga blocks are therefore an integral part of the yogi's kit!

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Yoga blocks on the market are mainly made of three materials: polyurethane, cork and wood.

We should stop buying plastic items as much as possible. In particular, the production of foam yoga blocks should be stopped NOW! There are sustainable alternatives for every price range, we don't need foam blocks at all.

We chose a wooden block that is also a small artistic masterpiece.

ONꓱ!Block the yoga block, from this creation it all started. This yoga block was the starting point that allowed us to start designing new solutions to practice yoga and meditation in harmony and integration with nature.

But let's take a step back...

Our mission!
If you practice yoga you almost certainly already have a deep-seated sensitivity to sustainability.

Many yogins love to practice outdoors in environments surrounded by greenery and nature. But have you ever stopped to think that yoga accessories are generally not nature-friendly items?

Natmat26 is the yoga community specialized in sustainable yoga, dedicated to you who love to practice in a conscious way. We select only natural environmentally sustainable materials, taking into account the entire life cycle of each product.

We launched #freeyogafromplastic and created our own brand to help change the way we do yoga, charting a path that is truly sustainable and plastic-free.



Our idea of sustainability is based on four values

INFORMATION: inform ourselves to avoid greenwashing
DIVERSITY: research of diversified materials to support biodiversity
LIMITS : The planet's resources are limited, we create products in limited quantities and within the limits of the raw materials we choose.
DURABILITY : Our products are designed to last, to counteract the disposable approach.

We have precisely defined our idea of sustainability to give a clear meaning to a word that is often overused.


ONꓱ!Block : the first sensory yoga block, the most beautiful, the most sustainable. 100% MADE IN ITALY from wood to the hands that work it. 

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The meaning 

ꓱ! Is a symbol used in mathematics to identify something that "exists and is unique".

ONꓱ! This is our first collection, so named for three reasons: One, one, unique pieces handmade in Italy.One, one because they last a lifetime.One, one because they are limited number pieces.


Just one look to be seduced by its elegance. Caressing it you can feel the handmade texture that guarantees a stable grip during practice.

The steps are designed for aromatherapy, when it arrives at your home smells of wood and honey, but you portai wet it with your favorite essential oil, a few drops on the surface will be enough to release an amplified relaxation effect. ONꓱ!Block, the sensory yoga brick is also available in a package with our organic lavender oil: ØNꓱ!Essential Oil, produced in Italy from organic Italian lavender cultivation.

ONꓱ!Block is a fine object of Italian craftsmanship, which also serves as a furnishing accessory that gives a touch of elegance to your shala. A travel companion that will evolve with you over time.



Wood is the living and evolving material, it allows you to get in touch with nature. It transmits positive vibrations, warmth and well-being. Our senses draw strength from its scent, touch, observation of its rings that are its history, its changing color over time, its vibrations.

ONꓱ!Block is made of solid Princess Tree (Paulonia) wood from sustainable Italian arboriculture. This is a fast-growing tree from controlled cultivation, this plant combats deforestation because it regrows from the roots when cut, so the tree is reborn like a phoenix from its foundation and does not have to be replanted like other trees.

Our Paulonia grows in cultivations where biodiversity is the watchword, because they are composed of many varieties of medicinal plants and flowers.

This plant has been renamed by Coldiretti "The anti-smog plant", in fact each Paulonia absorbs from 28 to 32 tons of CO2 per year. The plant that absorbs more CO2 in the world! For this reason, municipalities such as Padua are implementing it in the urban decoration as a support to the reduction of particulate matter of the city smog.

The Paulonia has a very light wood, ONꓱ!Block is available in two sizes regular and compact. Its weight is only 450g (0.99 lbs) for a size of 22.5x10x7.5CM (8.85 x 3.93 x 2.75 inches) in the compact version and 22.5x12x7.5CM (8.85 x 5.93 x 2.75 inches) in the regular one.



No glue. These are not glued pieces of wood, but ONꓱ!!, a single piece of solid wood. Handmade in Italy. It is sanded and brushed. Each brick is unique in its appearance and workmanship.


Wooden blocks are usually heavy and slippery, we solved this problem by using this amazing lightweight wood and designing a rippled texture. We tested this yoga block with several teachers and got super positive feedback on the functionality of ONꓱ!Block. They were also surprised by the contact experience.





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