The Root Chakra

Symbol of the first chakra and where it is located

1 chakra

We must imagine the chakras as three-dimensional spheres that pervade and fill our body.


The root chakra is the base where all other chakras rest.


It is located in the perineum area between the anus and genitals. When we sit this chakra is directly in contact with mother earth from which it draws energy and enters into communication.


The symbol of the first chakra is the square because it recalls the solidity of the base, the stability of the roots. In addition, the four corners represent the four cardinal points (North, South, West, East) because the first chakra represents the direction we give to our lives.

Spiritual qualities of the first chakra


The keyword of the root chakra is action, being successful in our actions depends on a good flow of energy coming through the root. We are born from the root chakra of our mother, moreover everything we want to create is brought to fruition thanks to the energy of the root chakra.

mother with child looking at a field of soil

Having great ideas without them being anchored at the root results in failure. Root chakra energy involves grounding things in reality. If you find that you are not bringing a project to fruition, the energy is not flowing well in the root chakra.


The first three Chakras are the Chakras that have the most personal value (the second Chakra is related to sexuality, the desire to reproduce, the third is related to the desire to assert oneself in the way) The first Chakra is used to have self-confidence, self-esteem. Only when we have satisfied our basic personal needs (the first three chakras) can we flow towards the more spiritual energies.


Element of the Root Chakra: the Earth



Earth is the densest element, in fact the first chakra is connected to the densest parts of our body (bones, legs, knees, hemoglobin). 

The earth in addition is the element of the manifestation of existence and this chakra leads us to externalize, put into action thoughts and intentions.

rest to recharge the first chakra

The earth, mother earth is also a relationship with the body, with the physicality. This Chakra in fact stimulates us to live our body as a temple, to eat healthily, to recover energy with sleep, to do physical activity.

The color associated to Muladhara is the red.

The color that gives us a sense of strength and symbolizes self-esteem and self-confidence typical of this chakra.


When the 1st chakra is aligned

self-esteem - girl hugs herself

We can say that energy flows well in the first chakra when, we feel we have a firm grip on reality, we feel we have a stable foundation. We recognize the qualities we have and are not afraid to use them. We have self-esteem and we know that we are an added value to the world because our existence has a meaning and a definite purpose.

Signs that indicate that Muladhara is blocked


Signs that on a physical level may lead us to think that not enough energy is flowing in the first chakra are: Back pain, leg pain, constipation, feeling low and having a drooping posture.


lack of self-esteem

On an emotional level, lack of self-esteem and difficulty having confidence in one's own abilities, excess work stress.

How to Unlock the 1st Chakra


To get more energy flowing in the Root Chakra you can do some simple exercises.

  • Yoga positions that anchor to the ground, that activate the legs
  • Floor postures exercises, laying on the ground and breathing feeling the contact with the solidity of the floor
  • Exercises of visualizing the earth while sitting or lying down
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • A walk in the woods, in the mountains focusing on the gift of mother nature and the earth.

Fragrances and stones to keep the 4 chakras in balance:

Oils: Cypress, mountain pine, patchouli

Stones: Ruby, red jade


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