Sixth Chakra. the third eye

Third eye where it is located and symbology

third - eye

The sixth and seventh chakras are different from the others, we enter an increasingly spiritual dimension. For some tradition the seventh is not even a chakra.


The sixth chakra is located just above the center of the eyebrows. Here resides the center of wisdom, the abode of inner vision. The symbol is a two-petaled lotus flower. The two petals symbolize the two complementary sections that make up everything (Yin and Yang, sun and moon, light and darkness, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems)

Spiritual Qualities of the Sixth Chakra


In the sixth chakra we find the inner and enduring peace. As one of the two Chakras that rule the head, along with the seventh (Crown Chakra), it governs the intellect and thought process.



Here we can build positive thinking and configure our forma mentis. We can detach ourselves from ordinary life and get in touch with our soul, here we can free ourselves from fears and get clarity on our own being.

Element of the Third Eye Chakra: Light and Darkness


The sixth Chakra reminds us that reality is made of compensations of two energies that complement each other, attention is not the western dualism in which the two parts are divided by a sharp cut that puts them in contrast and opposition. The concept is of complementarity, the one is not opposed to the other, but in the other is completed.

field-of- lavender

The colors associated with Ajna are indigo and violet


The color of wisdom that helps you enter a kind of trance during advanced meditation. Try meditating in a lavender field and you will immediately feel a sense of relaxation. 

When the 6th chakra is aligned



When the 6th Chakra is in balance we have reached an advanced level of meditation. We are detached from ordinary reality and we use thought to direct our actions and build our destiny.

peace - inner


Happiness becomes a choice because by being in contact with our soul we know how to heal it and soothe it from all suffering. We are pervaded by a strong>strong spirituality and we have a very developed sixth sense that makes us appear as clairvoyants to those around us.

Signs indicating that Anja is stuck



Spiritual crisis, nihilism, anxiety attacks, generalized state of fear. You don't find a meaning in your life and you live in a state of alertness, you worry too much about the future and regret the past. Inability to live in the present moment, inability to achieve inner calm. We are unable to connect with the spiritual reality of things andaccept only rational and technical explanations, this is naturally impossible and therefore becomes stressful.

How to unlock the 6° chakra


Thirty minutes of daily meditation can change our lives. 


Dedicating time to inner silence can find peace and refreshment for our thoughts and bring us to a state of calm and connection with ourselves.


Meditate half an hour a day, help yourself with lavender oil


Practice yoga focusing on asanas that rest on the forehead or involve the eyes

Dedicate yourself to mindfulness activities to be connected to the present moment

Fragrances and stones to keep the 6° chakra in balance:

Oils: Lavender, sandalwood  

minerals: sapphire, black opal, lapis lazuli

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