Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra

Crown chakra where it is located and symbology

settimo- chakra

The seventh and last Chakra with the Third Eye Chakra is one of the two Chakras that resides in the head, some traditions do not consider the crown as a real chakra as it is pure spirit and therefore unique compared to the others.


For the traditions that instead insert it to all intents and purposes in the Chakras, its position is at the top of the head, where as newborns we have the fountain, in this point is identified as the access gateway of the soul at the time of birth and exit when it separates from the body at the end of life.



The symbol of the Crown Chakra is the thousand-petaled lotus that symbolizes the infinite, the divine. 

Crown Chakra Element.


None. The Crown Chakra is pure spirit, it is not associated with any element, this is one of the characteristics that distinguishes it from others. The Crown Chakra transcends the physical body and matter, it is pure life energy that must flow freely.

flower - of - lotus

The colors associated with Sahasrara are purple, white, gold


the colors that connect us to the divine, to the most advanced meditation, to the contemplation of the soul.

Spiritual Qualities of the Seventh Chakra

meditation - transcendental


In this Chakra you take a step further than in the sixth Chakra, where we had the understanding of the duality of things and detachment from the material world. In the Crown Chakra, the final point of the meditative and spiritual path is reached, unity with the divine is achieved. We are tiny drops of the divine and in this Chakra, like a drop of the river flowing towards the ocean, we flow with the divine and are in union with the Creator. Here we reach a transcendental state and contemplation of the divine and the meaning of life as a journey that has a beginning and an end to reunite us with the Creator.


When the 7th chakra is aligned


According to the Sanskrit tradition it is difficult to speak of the seventh Chakra, because to speak of it, to imagine it, to tell about it means to return to duality and therefore to leave the concept of unity necessary to be balanced in Sahasrara.


Unity with the divine allows us to arrive at a understanding of life beyond imagination, we feel nature, we perceive ourselves as part of a single design.

path - spiritual

Signs indicating that Sahasra is blocked


To achieve the condition of oneness with the divine, it is necessary to meditate and embark on a path of spiritual growth. We are all in search of this happiness and inner peace, those who have renounced have closed themselves in an artificial world made of things and cities increasingly alienating.



Those who forget their own soul, nature, do not rely on prayer, but think they can manage their own destiny, those who do not question the meaning of life, those who act as if they were the creator themselves, those who reject spirituality are alienated from the path of union with the divine.

How to Unlock the 7th Chakra



Try to develop the most selfless emotions to a personal material return.

Practices altruism, forgiveness, empathy, compassion.

  • Meditate as for the third eye half an hour a day, help yourself with lavender oil
  • Practice yoga focusing on asanas that calm the body such as shavasana or upside down positions
  • Perceive the divine in nature and in you


Fragrances and stones to keep the 7th chakra in balance:

Oliums: Lavender, laurel

minerals: amethyst, pearl, diamond

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