Third Chakra, Manipura

Symbol of the third chakra and where it is located

                                           chakra plesso solare

Chakras are three-dimensional spheres that pervade and fill our body.
If with the second Chakra, Swadistana, we are in the world of moon-femininity, with Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra, we are in the masculine dimension, in the realm of sunlight, the energy that awakens and ignites us like a burning fire. The symbol of the Solar Plexus Chakra is a triangle with the tip downwards. The third Chakra is located under the sternum at the mouth of the stomach. This Chakra first regulates the digestion, stomach, liver, chemical functions and acids that are the fuel for the whole body. 

Spiritual qualities of the third chakra 


The third Chakra serves to metabolize, digest the emotions and experiences we have. It acts as a filter for everything we receive and helps us absorb it in a healthy way. The solar plexus is in addition the strength, the will, the need to succeed, to achieve what each of us perceives as success


The name, Manipura, it means "City of gems", this Chakra is like the nerve center from which to draw to take the wealth of energy.

The strength of this Chakra is rebirth, the vibration of a thunderous laugh. The ability to overcoming challenges and transforming oneselfi and to evolve, when this Chakra is active we are ready to start spiritual growth with the next Chakra, the one of the heart.

Element of the Heart Chakra: Fire


Fire which is transition, change, power. Burns the old to make room for the new. The desire to light up and shine with one's own light, to irradiate the world with our positivity.

The color associated with Manipura it is yellow

Yellow is connected to the sun, to the opening of the day, to the desire to expand, to go out, to be visible in the light.


When the 3rd chakra is aligned


The third Chakra, Manipura , is the final step before ascending to a spiritual level. When energy flows in Manipura we live with joy, warmth, passion, we know how to accept and manage what we receive from  outside.

We have a clear vision of where we are and what we need to do, we are proud and confident, we are not afraid of change and challenges, but rather we face the transformation with courage.

superare gli ostacoli

Everything becomes possible and we are ready to ascend upwards towards the universal Chakras.

Signs that Manipura is blocked


Feelings like anger, rage, violence. Instead of igniting light and heat, fire devastates and destroys everything it finds. On a psychosomatic level we can experience indigestion, skin rashes, stress itching. We overheat psychologically in the bowels and on the skin.

la rabbia

Since the solar plexus is the engine of the body's energy when it is out of balance we can feel physical exhaustion because we do not find the resources to draw on to keep our body at its best. 

How to unlock the 3rd chakra


  • Write on a piece of paper your city of gems, your wealth, what has life given you? A family, a son? Friendships, good character? Find your treasures and put them in writing
  • Drink an infusion of ginger and help your digestive process with nutrition
  • Meditate in front of a flame and visualize the fire burning in the center of your chest, perceive the heat that radiates and gives you strength.
  • Imagine an obstacle course and visualize yourself jumping over obstacles one after the other and reaching the finish line.
  • Practice yoga focusing on asanas that work on the upper abdominals, which stretch the bowels and stomach. Practice the Sun Salutation (Surya namaskar, in Sanskrit)

Fragrances and stones to keep the 3rd chakra in balance:

Oils: rosemary, pepper, ginger, juniper, peppermint  

minerals: Topaz, citrine


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