What does Autumn bring?

Why do we feel the need to make a list of resolutions in September? What energies drive us to take stock?


We asked Jessica (@vivendonaturopathy), our trusted naturopath, here's what she explained!


With the beginnings of October, the autumn season comes into full swing.

Our thoughts turn nostalgically back to the long, warm summer evenings and we hopelessly fall into the temptation of thinking that autumn is a season of decline that brings with it rain and sadness.

Well, now let's stop for a second and look around... what Mother Nature suggests to us (Natura Magistra Vitae, nature as teacher of life) is something else entirely!

Vibrant colors, intense scents, pulpy and delicious fruits... autumn is a magic that repeats itself every year.

The word Autumn may have a dual etymology: a Latin derivation from the verb augere, to increase, to enrich; or we can trace the Sanskrit root av- or au- that expresses the idea of satiation and enjoyment.

In both cases, the same word, suggests to us a concept of richness, of abundance: a happy moment in which to benefit and rejoice of the fruits that the Earth and man's work have prepared in the previous months.


On a higher plane, autumn represents the time when we need to take stock (reap the benefits) of the year that is drawing to a close.

It is a time for reflection, for gratitude and silence, creating space in our lives for the growth of dreams and future plans.Thus, throughout the day, let's take time to be alone, in silence, in a comfortable and welcoming place.  Let's allow ourselves to spend time on our projects, let's ask ourselves "where we're going", "what we're doing" with our lives, let's focus on the idea of abundance, as a natural state of being.

This concept of reflection and introspection, is also found in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) where autumn is associated with the movement METAL which, in the cycle of the 5 movements, follows the Earth (Late Summer).

METAL, characterized by the color white, corresponds to qualities such as: precision, punctuality, organizational skills, analytical thinking and propensity for solitude and mental activities.

Let's take advantage of this time of year to nourish and indulge these qualities within ourselves and in our everyday lives.

At a physical level, autumn represents the Lung and the Little Intestine, so in this period it is advisable to pay attention to these two districts through a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, and small measures to avoid the first respiratory diseases of the season.



The arrival of Autumn, as a prelude to winter's silence, underscores the Earth's ability to modify, adapt, and regenerate itself cyclically.

As well as the Earth, all of its inhabitants are subject to the cyclical passage of the seasons, all of them including mankind.

Instead of regretting the sparkling energy of summer then, let's promote that attitude inherent in us, to live according to the laws of Nature, to follow its rhythms and its times.

This is the time to rejoice, enjoy, reflect and give thanks.


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