What are essential oils , how to use them?

Benefits and uses of lavender essential oil: meditation, calming anxiety and relaxing the nervous system


How to use it correctly, the mistakes not to make.

lavender essential oil

Lavender, from the Latin lavànda, to wash. The etymology of the word lets us understand how long man has known and used this precious plant.

Lavare refers to the custom of Mediterranean peoples (Romans, Egyptians) of adding lavender flowers to water to perfume it in personal hygiene and body care.

To give the benefits of relaxation is mainly the presence of Linalool that through the sense of smell goes to act on the nervous system with a calming effect.



Benefits of lavender

officinal lavender - essential oil

Although the most well-known benefit of lavender oil is its calming effect, there are many more to discover.

Anxiolytic : in AROMATHERAPY it helps manage anxiety and generally stressful times. That is why it is also used to act against insomnia, headaches. Two drops on the pillow before going to bed to ensure a good night's sleep. It helps to relax the nervous system. It is recommended as a natural analgesic to be inhaled while experiencing a moment of pressure or when you want to carve out a moment of relaxation, so it is useful in meditation or during a yoga practice where you want to lower your energies or do a gentle practice, for example of yin yoga.



They are also useful in yoga.


Antiseptic: to be used in suffusions. You know the scene of a nice pot of hot water, some baking soda and a few drops of lavender essential oil. The antibacterial properties help soothe airway ailments such as coughs, colds. In addition, always diluted (as we explain below) can be used for intimate hygiene because it helps prevent the onset of disorders such as cystitis.


Anntispasmodic: if the flow is not intense, in which case it is not recommended to apply any oil, lavender oil can be used to alleviate the spasms of menstrual pain.


Anti-inflammatory: properly diluted in a cream or other oil, it can be used for massage, to relieve a muscle tear.


Healing: helps reduce the pain of irritation and insect bites and mosquitoes.


Smelling: we can use it in many ways. Two drops in water for the floors, to perfume the linen in the drawers, with baking soda and cornstarch to make a natural deodorant, in a diffuser to perfume the house.


How to use lavender oil

benefits - lavender- aromatherapy

Should not be applied pure in direct contact with the skin, it must be diluted


Let's see the recommended dilution doses

Dilution: 4 - 6 drops per liter of water
With oil or cream : 4 - 8 drops per 30ml, up to 35 drops per 100ml
On fabric or wood: 2 - 3 drops


If this is your first time using an essential oil:you should check that you are not allergic.

Prepare it diluted and give it a try by applying a small dose to a small part of your body.



aromatherapy - lavender essential oil


ONꓱ!BLOCK is designed for aromatherapy, the wood scales are made to accommodate the essential oil.

During practice dilute the oil as directed with a greasy carrier and then apply it to the brick.

As a scent diffuser and therefore not in direct contact with the palms you can apply two, three drops directly to the wood.


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