Yoga for women and which are main benefits

The majority of people who practice yoga nowadays, especially in the West, are women. But this was not always the case, quite the contrary.

With Elisa of @wellnessingpregnancy we explore the relationship between yoga and femininity.

The practice of Yoga has ancient origins full of mystery. Initially handed down by word of mouth, this practice, which is often associated with the feminine world, was born from a community, from a totally masculine thought. For a long time women were not considered worthy either to learn it or to practice it.


But its benefits in the female sphere have been known for many years regarding every phase of a woman's life. It has beneficial effects on the menstrual cycle, ovulation, pregnancy, the postpartum and menopause. It accompanies us in every phase of life thanks to its breathing and meditation techniques that help manage stress, anxiety and thanks to its positions that make the body stronger and healthier. You need to know that constant practice goes to work deeply in the body and soul. There are effects on the hormonal system, the immune system, circulation, the skeletal system and muscles. The body is better nourished and strengthened by becoming more toned, healthier and more resilient. The practice "deconstructs" the body by working it from the inside out. It makes it stronger, more resistant to mental and physical exertion. It helps it to accompany the events of life, in this case it teaches us to accept our cyclic nature without opposing it anymore.


How do you live your being a woman? Being a woman is beautiful, being female is powerful.

Woman is a wise, creative creature but there are many aspects of being one that can seem "negative" First, the arrival of the menstrual cycle, that typical event that you just can't control, and who likes not being in control of things? We are invaded by events that we can't control, nor command like our being as cyclical and changeable as the moon, motherhood and menopause.

But what if I told you that the answer to all of this is acceptance?

What if I told you that Yoga accompanies you in this process, in this phase of acceptance of the events of life that cannot be controlled? For sure, acceptance, and surrender are two fundamental rules that help you live your womanhood to the fullest. Don't put up with what isn't right, like an overly painful cycle can be, but give yourself the skills to deal with it, to feel better and understand what's behind that pain to mitigate it (except in cases of more serious and unfortunately physical ailments). Often, what makes things difficult is our very being and the way we live our womanhood. And often the causes are deeper and older than we imagine.

Great Teacher: GEETA IYENGAR

She is clear Geeta Iyengar about this. She has been perhaps the most important figure regarding the practice of Yoga for women, transforming and adapting the practice invented by her father (B. K. S Iyengar, creator of the Iyengar Yoga method and one of the bearers of Yoga in the West) and studying its effects on the woman's body in every phase of her life.

He has found positive effects on the period of ovulation, during menstruation, during pregnancy, in the post partum phase and menopause. Yoga accompanies the woman in every phase, helping her to accept and accompany the natural cycle of events, to overcome the pain and discomfort related to these.

It helps her to be stronger and more resistant to stressful stimuli, it helps her to become a mother, to have self-confidence and it helps her to heal after childbirth. Finally, it helps her regulate the hormonal imbalances associated with these phases and with menopause.


Personal experience as a woman I started my Yoga practice to find a balance in my cyclicity. And I have felt the real benefits of the practice on my cycle by easing the pains, helping me to accept my being a woman. During my pregnancy he has been, and still is, an important companion who accompanies me in the change of my body, and of life itself. It has also accompanied me in the postpartum, helping me to find myself, my body and the confidence in myself and in my abilities. The practice of Yoga is much more than just performing positions that help us stay strong and fit. The practice of Yoga is perhaps the best friend a woman can have in life, precisely because it brings a deep and indescribable well-being.

yoga and femininity



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