Yoga stories : Francesca the yogini in the wood

Because every now and then it just happens,


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A person who tries, in her own small way, to give back a little gratitude to the Earth that hosts us, doing it with simplicity and delicacy.

A person who tries, in her own small way, to give back a little gratitude to the Earth that hosts us, doing it with simplicity and delicacy.

You can find her on instagram with the evocative name of @yogin_in_the_woods, we were intrigued and so we asked her to tell us her story,

Ladies and gentlemen here is Francesca.


I am Francesca, a Yoga teacher, I live every day in contact with nature since I came into the world and I constantly strive to observe it in order to have an impact less and less invasive towards the Earth, recognizing it as a living being with its own rights.
I feel very strong this link that led me to approach the cosmovision, to a vision of the world referred to the traditional wisdom of ancient traditions.
Asking myself what I think about living holistically, how to best integrate my practice every day, I can only feel how this is a constant evolution.
I started this path at the age of 18, at a time when this lifestyle had not yet fully emerged; year after year we can all see how these disciplines, which bring us closer to our body but above all to our spirit, can accompany us in our life making everything lighter and purer, opening a clearer vision of our ideas.
I recognize the Yoga practice as a way of life that leads to approach the world in balance, respecting, sometimes with more difficulty and sometimes less, our great Mother Earth and all the beings that inhabit her.

Practicing with constancy, you can go beyond the physical body and discover that connection we have with Nature, that breath that keeps us united, strong and at the same time delicate.

yoga in the woods


This directs us to become Yoga to be Yoga and not just practice it, recognizing the richness within us, making us aware of how much our heart is grateful to life.

And with this I thank Ilaria and Gabriele of NatMat26 for the opportunity to express my thoughts and especially my emotions; thank you because with your medium you will be able to raise awareness and deal with issues that should no longer be postponed.
With love, Francesca.


While reading her words we are enchanted by thisintense sense of unity that Francesca conveys. The holistic approach is this, treating one's own being not as a set of pieces to be managed separately, but as a single piece, where everything is in relationship and mutual communication.

This perception of being in a holistic approach is not a set of pieces to be managed separately.

This sense of being part of a whole is not only internal to one's body, but it is our being an integral part of the balance of nature.

. Breathing techniques help a lot to recover this intimate and primordial dimension that we have silenced in the beautiful world of things we have created for ourselves.

Yoga becomes a way to get back to listening to that little voice that whispers to us that we are nature too.

Cover Photo @yogin_in_the_woods


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