Corporate responsibility


ur desire to contribute to the fight against climate change and pollution is expressed not only in the creation of sustainable products but also in other initiatives that we care about. Buying our product means also supporting other environmental projects.



They are vulnerable to enviromental stressors and a symbolize the enviromental disaster. The death of pollinators is one of the greatest tragedies that we must rectify. We have set aside a budget to support Greenpeace Italy - saving the bees - immediately.



We have reduced the packaging. Strictly plastic free in FSC certified paper, recycled or compostable bags that we invite you to reuse. In alternative you can dispose of them in compost, they will disappear in 6 months.



We have created the WOW (Weekly on Wednesday) delivery. If you have the luxury of time, with this option you can limit the traffic on wheels and CO2 emissions. Currently available only in Italy