Our idea of sustainability

e have chosen four values as guidelines to give a concrete meaning to the word sustainability, often used arbitrarily, depriving it of its importance.




Information is the only tool to defeat greenwashing. We ask questions either as customers and as a brand when we produce an artefact. Sustainability is a conscious choice it doesn't came without constructive criticism and challenges.


Sustainability teach us how diversity is for life itself. Without biodiversity there is no life at all, for this reason we use different materials and we do things differently.


They always tell you that there are no limits, well actually there are.
Our natural resources are limited and limits let us appreciate respect for others.
For this reason our product are limited edition and are built according to the limits of the materials we use.


Life long lasting 

We want to give you products you will not need to substitute, we want them life long lasting, handmade with care.They are designed to accompany you in your evolution.