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Quebi Yin Yoga mat

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Yoga mat for meditation and gentle practices  of Yin yoga made by hand, its outer covering is made of  sardinian cork cloth and salvaged cotton, the stuffing contains Sardinian sheep wool Nera di Arbus and spontaneously harvested herbs: laurel, rosemary, lavender and helichrysum.

An explosion of scents that envelops the senses

Particularly suitable for holistic practices

Possesses extraordinary muscle-relaxing characteristics, absorbs joint moisture and stimulates circulation.

Stimulates psychic relaxation, suspension and harmonization of thoughts to enter a state of lightness mind-body-soul.

The mat comes with a pouch equipped with a shoulder strap.

Peso 3 Kg  dimensioni 170 X 70 X 10



The Sarda sheep is the only autochthonous breed of the island.

In the 70's it risked extinction because of the substitution with the Sarda Bianca sheep, during the years this loss has been avoided and today there are about 5000 heads.


It is still a local and rare breed of sheep, just think that the Merino sheep breed in New Zealand alone counts almost 28 million heads.



Cork is a durable, lightweight and insulating material.

The mix of hand-picked herbs have relaxing, expectorant, hypotensive and anti-inflammatory properties.

The cotton used comes from scraps of recovery therefore the product could undergo

color variations. Production is limited.



Creative recycling, recovery, reuse, represents an advantage over classic recycling. In this case are used leftovers of fabric production to give life to a new product that therefore acquires a greater value.

The classic recycling involves the use of the fabric to create a new product.


Fabrics should be hand washed with neutral soap, laid in the shade away from heat sources; do not use bleach.