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Mediterraneo - Zafu meditation cushion

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Mediterraneo is a cushioncrafted zafu ideal for yoga and meditation.Circular in shape, it has a cork grain filling that allows a perfect adaptation to the weight of the body. The fabric of the outer lining as well as that of the inner lining is made of recovered cotton.


Cork is a durable, lightweight and insulating material. infinitely reusable.

the circular economy material par excellence.

The mix of hand-picked herbs have relaxing, expectorant, hypotensive and anti-inflammatory properties.

The cotton used comes from salvaged scraps so the product may undergo

color variations. 


Creative recycling, recovery, reuse, represents an advantage over classic recycling. In this case are used leftovers of fabric production to give life to a new product that therefore acquires a greater value.

The classic recycling instead involves an expenditure of energy derived from shredding and trimming of the fabric.


We can add wild herbs for an aromatherapy experience. Production is limited.

Size 28cmX15cm 1,7Kg