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Bio Lavender essential oil

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Lavender is highly appreciated for its calming properties, it is an essence capable of relieving stress and reconciling rest by counteracting insomnia. It brings balance to the nervous system, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, but also soothes in case of insect bites.

The Bio-blue lavender essential oil selected by us comes from organic farming, is 100% pure and free of synthetic substances, Made in Italy, obtained from fresh flowers by steam distillation.



Essential oils are not water-soluble, but fat-soluble. They need another oil or fatty substance (a cream or vegetable oil) to act as a carrier in contact with the skin.

Dilute 2 - 8 drops of Bio-blue lavender oil in 30 ml of vegetable oil, then you can vaporize the ONꓱ! BLOCK brick for an immediate aromatherapy effect during your yoga or meditation practice.

Warning for SKIN USE

Any essential oil should never be used pure in contact with the skin as it could irritate the skin or mucous membranes.


While commonly the water for distillation is brought to boil using gas cylinders, Bio-blu essential oil is distilled in a steam current with zero emissions.

The current  comes from clean renewable energy sources (solar panels).