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ONꓱ! Block - yoga block in solid wood

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ONꓱ!Block world's first sensory yoga block.

What is a yoga block for?It helps reaching your asana but we wanted more.A single glance to be seduced by its elegance. A caress is enough to feel the rippled texture that guarantees a stable grip during practice.

The grooves are designed for aromatherapy, we deliver it scented with wood and honey, feel free  to pour your favorite essential oil, a few drops massaged on the surface will be enough to release an amplified relaxation effect.

ONꓱ!Block is a valuable piece of Italian craftsmanship, you can also use as a piece of furniture.

A traveling companion that will evolve with you.



Wood is the living and evolutionary material, it allows us to get in touch  with nature. It conveys positive vibes, warmth and well-being. Our senses draw strength from its scent, from touch, from observing its rings that are its history, from its shimmering color over time, from its vibrations.

ONꓱ!Block is made from solid Princess Tree wood from sustainable Italian crops.

Our Princess Tree grows in crops where biodiversity is the watchword, because they consist of many varieties of medicinal plants and flowers.

It is also called "The anti-smog plant",each Princess Tree can absorb from 28 to 32 tons of CO2; per year.

It has a very light wood, ONꓱ!Block weight is only 450g  (0,99 pounds)  for a size of 22.5x10x7.5CM (8,85 x 3,93 x 2,75 inch)


No glue. These are not glued pieces of wood, but ONꓱ!, a single piece of solid wood. Handmade in Italy. It is sanded, brushed and polished with beeswax. Each block is therefore unique in its appearance and craftsmanship.

There is no such thing as ONꓱ!Block