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ONꓱ! Strap - Hemp yoga belt

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Designed to minimize the environmental impact. The 100% Hemp strap retains its natural nuance and has not been chemically treated. Hemp's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties ensure a hygienic practice. The buckle is thicker than standard Yoga belts, thus more durable and secure. 40mm wide for a firmer grip. Available in two lengths.


It is the fiber we have to take into consideration for the future of the planet. A plant with extraordinary qualities: it requires very little water compared to any other plant, produces 200% more fiber than cotton with the same surface area, has excellent resistance to tearing and wear than other natural fibers, so it is more durable. Hemp fiber is not damaged if washed, the more you wash the more it softens. It also has incredible temperature regulating properties.


The buckle, made in Italy specifically for this strap, is Nickel free. The matte finish gives a unique touch of style. The 6MM diameter makes it thicker and more stable than the average yoga strap.

The label, made in Italy, is vegan leather made from apple skin unused by the food industry.

The stitching thread is certified organic cotton (GOTS).